TCT Global Partner Sessions

In collaboration with the CRF Center for Education, the Transcatheter Cardovascular Therapeutics scientific symposium partners with dozens of international societies and organizations to present educational programs around the world as TCT Global Partners.

1 TTT in Partnership with TCT
Taiwan Transcatheter Therapeutics
Taipei City, Taiwan
Jan 13-14
2 BIT (TCT Highlights Session)
Bangla Interventional Therapeutics
Kolkata, India
Feb 10-12
3 JIM in Partnership with TCT
Joint Interventional Meeting
Milan, Italy
Feb 22-24
4 CADECI in Partnership with TCT
Sociedad Mexicana de Electrofisiología y Estimulación Cardiaca
Guadalajara, Mexico
Feb 21-24
5 CIT in Partnership with TCT
Chinese Interventional Therapeutics
Beijing, China
March 22-25
6 CVREP in Partnership With TCT
Cardioalex-REP Foundation
Cairo, Egypt
7 Cardiovascular Summit - TCTAP
Cardiovascular Summit
Seoul Korea
April 28 - May 1
8 TCT Russia
Moscow, Russia
May 18-20
9 GISE (TCT Highlights Session)
Milan, Italy
10 CACI in Partnership with TCT (TCT Highlights Session) October
11 ICI
Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions
Tel Aviv, Israel