Chronic Total Occlusion Summit 2017
A Live Case Demonstration Course

February 23-24, 2017

1535 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

CTO App Tutorial

CRF Events app

The CRF Events App is the essential guide to all conferences brought to you by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. In the Main Menu tab you’ll find all CRF events listed in chronological order. To open any event, select it from the list and click “Launch Event Guide.”

Chronic Total Occlusion Summit 2017

From the home screen and left sliding menu, you can access everything you need to get the most out of the app while you are at the Chronic Total Occlusion Summit.

Search the Program and Plan Your Schedule 

The CRF Events App is designed to help you easily search the event program and plan your schedule during all our conferences.

Browsing the Program:

You can access the CTO program in two ways:

  • Tap the “Program” tile on the app home screen or via the left sliding menu.
  • The “CTO Now” and “CTO Next” tiles on the home screen also display the event program. “CTO Now” will show you the sessions currently taking place while “CTO Next” will display upcoming sessions.

To Browse by Day:

  • Selecting a day will show all sessions available during that particular day of the event. You can then scroll through all presentations listed under any session of your choice.

To Browse by Specific Session:

  • Select a specific session (eg, Session I, Session II, or Lunch Symposium) to view a list of available presentations.

To Browse by Time:

  • To filter by time select the “Filter” button on the “Program” page. Move the slider to the desired timeframe and tap “Done.” A list of corresponding sessions will appear. To turn off the function, tap the “Filter” button and select “Clear All.”

To Search the Program:

  • You can access the search function from the app home screen or the program’s main page.
  • In the program, select the magnifying glass icon. Type in a keyword and click “Enter” to bring up a list of results.

To Plan Your Schedule:

  • You can “Star” or “Favorite” sessions or presentations you are interested in attending. These are collected in your “My CTO” section.
  • Tap the “My CTO” tile on the home screen or from the left sliding menu and select “Saved Sessions.” Your “starred” sessions are listed here in chronological order.
  • To add these sessions or presentations to your device calendar, click the alarm clock icon. You can choose to add only the event selected or all the events from your favorites.
  • Select the calendar to which you would like to add the event and tap “Done.”

My CTO: Plan Your CTO Experience

The CRF Events App can help you plan your time while you are at any of our Conferences. It can be easily personalized with your favorite sessions, presentations, slides, speakers, places, and more.

  • As you browse through the CTO Event Guide, tapping a star will “Favorite” the session, speaker, or attendee and file them into your My CTO section.
  • These are automatically organized by type: sessions, notes, people, places, and slides.
  • To access your favorites, choose the “My CTO” tile in the app home screen or via the left sliding menu.
  • To take notes during a session or presentation, swipe down to the notes field and tap in the box to begin typing. All notes are saved automatically and can be accessed through “My CTO.”
  • To export your “Favorites,” tap “Export,” choose “Select All” or “By Type,” and tap “OK.”
  • Choose to export to email or Dropbox when prompted.


Our goal with the CRF Events App is to provide social features to allow for broad interactivity. While at the conference, you can email or send direct messages to other attendees.

To Communicate with Attendees or Faculty:

  • Tap the “Attendee” or "Faculty" tile in the app home screen or via the left sliding menu.
  • Browse the entire list (All), by faculty, or by attendees.
  • Select a person to view his/her profile.
  • Tap “Send Message” to select Direct Message or Email. Either brings up a text box, type a message, and hit “Send.”
  • Direct messages sent to you from other attendees and faculty members can be accessed from the “Messages” tab in the slider menu.


CRF respects your privacy and takes it very seriously. If you do not wish to be contacted, you may opt out of this feature. Also, you don’t have to worry about your email address being made publicly available. The CRF Events App masks your email address so that the sender does not see your email unless you respond.

To Opt Out of Direct Communications:

  • Select “My Profile” from the left sliding menu.
  • Tap “Settings” and unselect the following options from your profile: “Allow e-mails from other attendees” and “Allow direct messages from other attendees.”

Rate Sessions: CME Credit

The CTO Event Guide allows you to rate sessions for CME. You will also be able to claim and request a CME certificate.

NOTE: You may also visit and claim your certificate online.

To Rate Sessions and Claim your Certificate:

  • Select the "Evaluate CME" tile from the home screen.
  • From the menu, select “All Sessions” and choose which sessions you would like to rate.
  • Click "Evaluate" to rate sessions organized by day. Select the number of hours that you claim for that day.
  • When you have evaluated sessions attended and selected the credits you claim for each day, complete the overall evaluation.
  • When finished, select the "My Certificates" tab to save, print, or email your certificate.

Access CTO Content

You can now view slides and videos through the CTO Event Guide.

To View Slides:

Select a presentation.

  • If the slides are available, tap “View Slides.” The app will directly link you to the slides on the TCTMD website.
  • If the slides are not yet available, tap "Request Slides," an email will be sent to you with a link when they do become available.

To View Videos:

  • If on-demand video of a presentation is available, a movie icon will appear to the right of the presentation.
  • To view the video, tap the presentation and then select “Watch Video.”