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CRF offers several payment options which are listed in detail below. It is strongly recommended that you include the invoice number when submitting payment to ensure payment is processed and credited to your account quickly. The Invoice Number is included on the actual invoice in the upper right hand corner (e.x. 81-17-70013-12345). 


If you have any questions about invoices or payments, please contact Felicia Farquharson at or 646-434-4476. 

W-9 Form

CRF’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is 52-1752653Download  CRF’s W-9 form.  

Payment Options

Check: Two Options Available 

Option 1: CRF Bank Lock Box*

Cardiovascular Research Foundation
P.O. Box 30730
New York, NY 10087-0730 

*Note: It may take up to 5 business days for payment to reflect receipt. FedEx deliveries are not accepted and will be returned to sender.

Option 2: CRF Offices*

Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Attention: Felicia Farquharson or Fernanda Swan
1700 Broadway, Floor 9
New York, NY 10019

*Note: It is recommended to send checks to CRF Offices by trackable delivery only. CRF is not responsible for checks mailed by USPS and delayed.

Wire Transfer

JPMorgan Chase Bank (718) 242-0162
4 MetroTech Center, 14th Floor 
Brooklyn, NY 11245
Account #: 134774205 ABA#: 021000021
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Credit Card

Download CRF’s Credit Card Authorization Form.

NOTE: All credit card transactions are subjected to a 2.5% processing fee. 

Payment Policy

The company agrees to pay the Cardiovascular Research Foundation for support of the confirmed promotional opportunities. The company understands that it is responsible for adhering to the production timeline, provided by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, in order to ensure that all aspects of the confirmed opportunities are completed. The company acknowledges that payment is due within 30 days of receipt of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation’s invoice.

International Travel Support

Educational allowances and support for Non-US Based Healthcare Professionals to attend TVT.

Effective January 1, 2018, MedTech Europe: Code of Ethical Business, AdvaMed, and APACMed prohibit Medical Device Companies (MDCs) from providing direct financial sponsorship for registration, housing, travel, and meals to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to attend medical education conferences or training programs such as TVT.

However, Medical Device Companies may give restricted educational grants to certain organizations to provide financial support to non-US based healthcare professionals to attend TVT or similar medical educational events. For the complete MedTech rules, click here.

1. Healthcare Organizations

Medical Device Companies are permitted to provide educational grants to hospitals. The hospital administrator is responsible for allocating grants to eligible health care professionals. Check with your cath lab director or hospital administrator for more information.

2. National Society

Medical Device Companies are permitted to provide educational grants to national societies. Each Society will be responsible for allocating grants to eligible health care professionals. Check with your Society for more information.

3. Trusted Third-Party Organization

A few MedTech compliant, trusted-third party organizations have been approved to seek educational grants from Medical Device Companies to provide financial support to eligible health care professionals to attend medical meetings such as TVT. A few are listed below for your reference. For a complete list, click here.

MedTech Trusted Third-Party Region Contact Email
CREST India/Asia Aldrin Gomes
KIT Group GmbH Europe/Russia Ben Hainsworth
SWME North America/Latin America Grants & Scholarships SWME Grants Page
The Heart Team Europe/Russia Eva Butler
THT Poland Europe/Russia Karolina Widawska

Important: These third parties are not affiliated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), the official sponsor of TVT.

Guideline FAQs

Q. What is MedTech Europe?
A. MedTech Europe represents the medical technology industry in Europe and is an alliance of European medical technology industry associations. The alliance currently has two members: (1) the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association (EDMA), representing the European in vitro diagnostic industry, and (2) Eucomed, representing the European medical devices industry.

Q. Who is a healthcare professional?
A. From the MedTech Code: A Healthcare Professional (HCP) means any individual (with a clinical or non-clinical role; whether a government official, or employee or representative of a government agency or other public or private sector organization; including but not limited to physicians, nurses, technicians, laboratory scientists, researchers, research coordinators, or procurement professionals) that in the course of their professional activities may directly or indirectly purchase, lease, recommend, administer, use, supply, procure, or determine the purchase or lease of, or who may prescribe medical technologies or related services. 

Q. What other regions have new guidelines?
• Asia - APACMed
• China - AdvaMed
• Middle East - Mecomed

Q. What if I am Faculty or a Presenter?
A. Healthcare Professionals, regardless of their status as Faculty, Presenter, or Attendee, must adhere to the medical device industry guidelines regulating physician support in their country.

Q. If I am a Speaker at an Industry Sponsored Satellite, can I get direct support?
A. Industry may directly support speakers for Industry sponsored satellite sessions. From the MedTech Code: Member Companies may engage Healthcare Professionals as consultants and advisors to provide bona fide consulting and other services, including but not limited to research, participation on advisory boards, presentations at Company Events, and product development. Member Companies may pay for expenses reasonably incurred by consultants in providing the services which are the subject of the consulting agreement including reasonable travel, meals, and accommodation expenses incurred by consultants if attending meetings with, or on behalf of Member Companies.

Q. How much are the grants?
A. There is no specific amount for grants. The grant amount is determined by the Medical Device Company.

TVT 2018 has been approved as COMPLIANT with MedTech Europe, AdvaMed and APACMed’s Code of Ethical Business Practices.

Should you have any additional questions please contact:
Elizabeth Burke
Marketing Project Manager, Center for Education


Submissions are now closed. Those selected will be notified.

Call for Challenging Cases 

Transcatheter Valve Therapies (TVT)

  • MitraClip
  • Mitral – Other
  • Tricuspid
  • TAVR – Complications
  • TAVR – New Devices
  • TAVR – New Indications
  • Imaging
  • Other (Such as Challenging Access, Unusual Anatomy, etc.)

LAA and PFO Closure and Other Structural Heart Disease Interventions

  • LAA Closure Devices and Outcomes
  • LAA Closure Complex Cases
  • LAA Closure Complications
  • LAA Closure Imaging
  • PFO Closure Devices and Outcomes
  • PFO Closure Complex Cases
  • PFO Closure Complications
  • PFO Closure Imaging
  • Other Structural Heart Disease Devices and Outcomes
  • Other Structural Heart Disease Complex Cases
  • Other Structural Heart Disease Complications
  • Other Structural Heart Disease Imaging

Call for Innovation

We encourage you to submit your emerging innovative concepts to be presented at TVT 2018, the preeminent platform for unveiling new technological developments in the field of transcatheter valve therapies, LAA & PFO closure, and other structural heart disease therapies.

  • Submissions should be novel technologies relevant to the monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of valvular heart disease and interventions.
  • Top submissions will be featured presentations in our special “TVT Innovation Forum” from 2:00 PM–6:00 PM on Friday, June 22nd!
  • Selected topics will also be featured in additional sessions or as Moderated Poster Abstracts.

Please submit a PowerPoint file with approximately 10-15 slides covering the following aspects of the technology being submitted:

  • Unmet clinical need/field of use
  • Technology description and differentiation
  • IP position/landscape
  • Summary of preclinical and/or early human data (if appropriate)
  • Regulatory pathway/strategy and commercialization strategy (if appropriate)

Call for Moderated Poster Abstracts – NEW!

Submit abstracts that address valvular disease or transcatheter valve interventions, LAA or PFO closure, or other structural heart disease diagnostic modalities or therapies. Entries should constitute original research, but may include portions of prior abstracts and/or manuscripts presented elsewhere. Clinical studies, basic science investigation, and preclinical studies are equally encouraged.

Accepted Moderated Posters Final Presentation Set Up

You will need to bring a laptop computer which will be connected on to a large screen that will display your poster to the moderators and attendees.

The poster must be a PDF File 36” x 60” at 72 dpi ONLY. Only PDF files (and NOT PPT or JPEG files) can be accommodated – no exceptions.

Late-Breaking Clinical Science - NEW!

For the Structural Heart Disease Summit, Late-Breaking Clinical Science submissions should be the first-time presentations of either 1) the primary endpoint or major secondary endpoint results of randomized clinical trials or registries; 2) insightful meta-analysis that may impact clinical practice; 3) early human clinical experiences with novel devices. Accepted Late-Breaking Clinical Science submissions will be presented in the Main Arena at The Structural Heart Disease Summit 2018.  These submissions may also be submitted as Abstracts or as Interventional Innovations.

A Message for Accepted Late-Breaking Science Submitters at TVT
We also wish to extend an invitation to submit the final paper of your work to Structural Heart: The Journal of the Heart Team, the official journal of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.  We will give your submission expedited review and, if accepted, simultaneous publication timed with your presentation at TVT.  We will also offer support, including an accompanying editorial as well as press and social media promotion. For more information, contact Glenn Collins ().