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Meeting Rooms - Available in April 2018

Meeting rooms are available to companies on a first-come, first-served basis at local San Diego, CA hotels. Meeting rooms are currently not available at the convention center. Companies may use these rooms to conduct staff debriefings and committee meetings. Meeting rooms cannot be used to draw physicians out of TCT scientific sessions. Companies that do not comply with this policy are subject to a 20-point deduction in the TCT priority point process.


Conference Suites - Available in April 2018

Conference suites are private meeting spaces for companies to meet with colleagues and customers in the Exhibit Hall, but away from their booth. Conference suites cannot be used as hospitality suites nor to draw physicians out of TCT scientific sessions. Food and beverage are not included in the cost and may be ordered through the Exhibitor Service Kit. 

For more information about meeting rooms and conference suites, please contact:

Tara Lucas
Associate Director, Industry Relations
Tel: 646-582-6588
Email: tlucas@crf.org