Funding Priorities

CRF is seeking contributions in four key areas of priority—investments that will help us speed the pace of innovation and extend its reach.


At Skirball, new ideas become tangible realities. Since its founding in 2005, the Center has helped bring more than 20 technologies through the testing process and into use in patients. However, the number of promising ideas waiting to be developed far outpaces the funding for our current research.

Through this campaign, we aim to change that reality. We seek ‘innovation funding’ for new projects, particularly to seed early-stage efforts through proof-of-concept. Our goal is to become an innovation incubator in our own right – connecting philanthropic investors with the kind of fast-moving ideas that will yield tomorrow’s breakthrough treatments.

Skirball is also seeking funding for an “innovation channel.” This digital media platform will educate physicians and patients on the technological and procedural advances in cardiovascular healthcare through meaningful high quality media and interactive content. It will primarily focus on innovations in catheter based technologies and therapies.

Opportunities for Investment

  • Project funding for new research initiatives
  • Support for additional specialized staff
  • Funding for development and maintenance of innovation channel


At any given time, more than a dozen doctors and scientists from around the world are visiting CRF, spending a year or more for an experience of unparalleled professional growth. It is a chance for these fellows not only to learn advanced clinical techniques, but also to build the skills required to lead research programs and major clinical trials. We bring together the brightest minds from around the globe to generate new and innovative ideas in cardiovascular medicine.

The results have had a remarkable multiplier effect as our CRF-trained fellows become leaders and educators in their fields.

By endowing new positions, we aim to expand the number of fellows we train and also welcome outstanding candidates from developing countries – men and women who will return home prepared to transform the local practice of cardiac care for their patients.

Opportunities for Investment

  • Endowed fellowships providing full two-year support
  • Scholarships funding travel and professional development


From the start, CRF has made its mark on the practice of medicine not only through research, but just as importantly, by training physicians in new procedures – helping get the latest advances to patients quickly. Our conference, Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) is the world’s premier meeting of its kind, and it’s just one of some 50 annual CRF events.

Going forward, we will expand this robust educational program, particularly through virtual interactive training sessions. These offer the chance for physicians to learn even highly complex procedures remotely – an efficient, cost effective approach with global reach. CRF is already a leader in virtual education. With new funding we will go further, expanding our programming and employing even more powerful learning methods (e.g., cardiac simulators, 3-dimensional models, smartphone apps) to give doctors the cutting edge tools and techniques they need to treat their patients. We’ll also increase our investment in technology to expand our global footprint, from reaching more of the international community to better monitoring advances in research worldwide.

In addition, we will broaden our outreach to members of the general public and patient population through a comprehensive awareness program. The goal is more effective preventive education and broader awareness of state-of-the-art therapies—bringing more people closer to the best technology.

Opportunities for Investment

  • Funding for the infrastructure of a new Interactive Training Center
  • Support for expanded public education


Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of women, yet many are unaware of their own risk factors, and how to manage them. The CRF Women’s Heart Health Initiative was founded to reduce gender disparity in cardiovascular care using a two-pronged approach: advocating for increased female representation in clinical trials and raising awareness about women and heart disease through unique Mini-Med School seminars and other educational programs. These programs feature leading experts who give women the tools to take better care of themselves and their loved ones.

Opportunities for Investment

  • Support for Mini-Med Schools and educational programs
  • Funding for advocacy efforts to increase female representation in clinical trials

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