The Pulse of Progress Initiative


For 25 years, the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) has pioneered innovations and educated physicians, making a profound difference in the lives of millions of people with heart disease. Now, we are looking to the next 25 years. The Pulse of Progress seeks new private investment in research and education to take CRF’s transformational work to new levels in the future.

Our Vision

We are launching the Center for Medical Research and Education (CMRE) —an initiative that will position CRF as the starting point for even more transformative ideas.

CRF plans to bring our independent research to a new level by expanding into promising areas of inquiry. We will expand and formalize our fellowship program to prepare the next generation of research leaders in the field. We will explore new interactive approaches in innovation, education and outreach, bringing state-of-the-art techniques to more doctors, more efficiently and effectively.

With additional sources of donor funding, CRF will pursue new frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, helping more people to defy heart disease.

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