CHIP Seattle Is Now Interventional Complications 2020

This program is geared to all interventionalists, cath lab nurses, and cath lab technologists seeking to improve their ability to manage complications resulting from cath lab procedures. Participants will learn algorithms and management strategies to manage a range of complications, including acute closure, coronary perforation, hemodynamic collapse, atherectomy complications, coronary device entrapment and issues arising from common structural heart procedures. Participants will also gain insights through demonstration and discussion of vascular access issues across a range of access sites (eg, radial, femoral, transcaval, axillary).

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1

Possess knowledge of treatment strategies to handle both commonly encountered and less commonly encountered interventional complications.

Learning Objective 2

Manage a wide variety of coronary perforations in multiple clinical situations.

Learning Objective 3

Handle a multitude of vascular access complications.

Course Directors

Ajay J. Kirtane, MD, SM

Columbia University Medical Center
New York, NY

William L. Lombardi, MD

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, WA

James M. McCabe, MD

University of Washington Medical CenterSeattle, WA

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