CRF & CTO Logos

Use of the CTO Logo

The CTO logo, or any part of the CTO logo, may not be used on any non-CTO materials, such as websites, publications, signs, fliers, etc, that did not originate from or were not developed by CTO without the express written permission of CTO. In addition, no entity may imply either directly or indirectly that it is in any way affiliated with CTO without the express written permission of CTO. Product promotion that implies CRF endorsement and/or usage of the CRF logo without the express written consent of CRF is also prohibited.

Download the CRF CMYK EPS Logo Use for high resolution printing such as brochures, flyers, or magazine advertisements that will be professionally printed in full color. Download the CRF PMS Logo Use for professional printing using Pantone colors or when you need to specify a PMS color for a vendor to match. Download the CRF Knockout EPS Logo Use when the logo is going to be printed or displayed in white and the background will be dark. Download the CRF JPEG Logo Use this for a website or a Word document with a white background that will be printed using an office laser printer. Download the CRF PNG Logo Use for a website or a PowerPoint slide where the background color is not white.