Product Education for Live Cases

Core to TCT is the Live Case learning experience. A key component of this experience is the demonstration of new procedures and current practices. Very often, operators will use or reference products with which the learner may not be familiar. To address this issue, CRF shows product factoid slides to complement the discussion and enhances attendees' overall learning experience. Ideally, if available, this includes a 30-second product animation simulating device/technology use. To meet this educational goal, CRF requests that manufacturers and distributors of products used to treat patients with cardiovascular disease submit educational information for this purpose.

What is a product factoid?

A product factoid is a PowerPoint presentation of product and/or treatment specs. These could include product size, product profile, and approval status. CRF has designed PowerPoint templates specific to each product or treatment category. Companies are required to use these templates and follow the specific template format. Because this information is used solely for the education of attendees, product logos, company logos, and any form of advertising are strictly prohibited. Pictures of the product are welcome; however, videos or animations embedded in PowerPoint slides will not be accepted. Please note that all submissions are subject to review and approval by CRF.

What is a product animation?

Companies may submit a product animation simulating product use. For example, an animation demonstrating the deployment of a product is an extremely effective way to educate the audience on device performance. Videos simulating product use must be submitted as MiniDV, AVI, MPEG, or WMV files only. Because the product animation is shown for educational use only, videos may not include any text, including company names, company logos, product logos, or instructional information. Please note that all submissions are subject to review and approval by CRF.

What does it cost to submit a product factoid and/or animation?

There is no cost to participate. CRF considers product factoids and animations to be an added value to the TCT learning experience.

When and where will my company's submission be shown during TCT?

There is no guarantee when, where, or even if a product factoid and/or animation will be shown. Product factoids and animations are only shown if a product is used or mentioned during a Live Case procedure. Products are used solely at the discretion of the Live Case operator, and therefore it cannot be predicted when or if a product will be used during a Live Case demonstration.

Product factoids may be submitted by email to Mariah Admire at

Product Factoid Templates

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