Mailing List Rental Application

As an exhibitor and satellite sponsor at TCT 2020, the cost of exhibiting includes a one-time use of the TCT pre-registration list and one-time use of the final registration list. Submit the List Rental Application if you would like additional uses of the pre-registration and/or final registration list.

  • The pre-registration list will be provided electronically to the main point of contact the week of August 24, 2020.
  • The final registration attendee list will be provided electronically to the main point of contact the week of October 26, 2020.

Attendee List Rental Policy

  • Prior approval of the mailer by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation is required.  Please Note: Those who mail unapproved pieces will be charged the attendee list rental fee for using the list without permission.  Please send a PDF file to the attention of Fernanda Swan at fswan@crf.orgWe strongly encourage that you not print your piece until you receive final approval from the Cardiovascular Research Foundation as changes may be requested.  
  • The Cardiovascular Research Foundation permits a one (1) time use of the registration list.  The list is seeded and if the list is used more than once, you will be charged an additional $5,500.00 for each use. If you wish to use the list additionally, there is a fee of $5,500.00 per use. 
  • The list may be shared internally within your organization.  
  • The list contains mailing addresses only.  Email addresses and telephone numbers are not available. 
  • The list should not be used for any other purpose other than for a mailing promoting your presence at TCT. 
  • The TCT pre-registration list is the sole property of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation and cannot be gifted, sold, traded or otherwise shared with any other company, entity or person.  Names may not be entered into a database or distribution list for future uses.    

Please contact Fernanda Swan if you have any questions or require additional information at or 646-434-4338. 




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