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For practicing physicians, academic researchers, and allied health professionals

30 Years of Groundbreaking Science, Training, and Innovation

Center for Education Team

Cardiovascular Research Foundation
1700 Broadway, Floor 9
New York, NY 10019

Tricia S. Rawh
Acting Director, CRF Center for Education
Tel: 646-434-4381

Tara Lucas
Associate Director, Industry Relations
Tel: 646-582-6588

For more information about exhibit and sponsorship logistics, as well as meeting rooms, please contact:

Fernanda Swan
Manager, Exhibits and Sponsorships
Tel: 646-434-4338 

For more information about satellite programs, please contact:

Christina Hudak
Program Project Manager
Industry Relations
Tel: 646-434-4127

Penny Tsougas
Program Project Manager
Industry Relations
Tel: 646-434-4509

For more information about grant support, please contact:

Sareeta Nethersole
Grants Associate
Industry Relations