The TCT Exhibitor Advisory Committee (EAC) was established in 2007 to create a forum for companies to provide input and feedback of industry participation in TCT. All EAC members represent companies that exhibit at TCT.

Committee members are a diverse group of individuals with different professional functions who work for companies of varying sizes headquartered both within and outside of the United States from a variety of industry sectors. Together, this provides a greater scope of perspectives.

There are 2 positions available for each of the following size categories:

  • 100-399 ft²
  • 399-699 ft²
  • 699-2,999 ft²
  • 2,999-6,999 ft²

Terms are staggered to allow for continuity of ideas and a flow of information. Members of the EAC are not compensated, do not qualify for additional priority points, and are not given preferential treatment for sponsorship opportunities or satellite program time slots. The EAC convenes at least twice a year (once during the Annual ACC Scientific Session and once during TCT) and are often called upon outside of these meetings for feedback on new ideas or changes to the meeting.

Ideas for enhancing TCT are welcomed and valued. Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to express their ideas to members of the CRF team or to members of the EAC. If you are interested in becoming a member of a future EAC class, please contact Fernanda Swan at fswan@crf.org.  


Position: 100-399 sq. ft. 

Kirsten Perry
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
Tel.: 651-900-7061
E-mail: kperry@csi360.com

Position: 399-699 sq. ft.

Meg Belmore
Corindus Vascular Robotics
Tel.: 508-653-3335
E-mail: meg.belmore@corindus.com

Position: 699-2999 sq. ft.

Denise Hite
Cordis A Cardinal Health Company
Tel.: 954-400-3515 
E-mail: Denise.hite@cardinalhealth.com
Alexander Smith
Tel.: 978-882-8070 
E-mail: asmith @abiomed.com

Position: 2999-6999 sq. ft.

Suzanne Akullian
Edwards Lifesciences
Tel.: 949-250-6769
E-mail: Suzanne_Akullian@edwards.com 
Judy Johnson
Boston Scientific Corporation
Tel.: 763-494-2209
E-mail: Judy.Johnson@bsci.com

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