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CME Accreditation

Although not required, satellite programs may be CME accredited. Applications for CME-accredited programs will only be accepted if submitted by medical education providers and approved by the ACCME to accredit medical education programs.

CRF has a long history of accrediting medical education programs and is available to provide CME accreditation for satellite programs. CRF is compliant with all accreditation criteria, policies, and standards for commercial support. Please contact Christina Hudak,, if you are interested in this service. 

Location and Date Determination

CRF assigns all satellite program locations and dates. It is the goal of CRF to create a balanced satellite program schedule that complements TCT program content. Sponsors may indicate a desired date and space preference, if applicable, and CRF will work to the best of its ability to accommodate company preferences. However, this does not confirm nor imply that preferences are guaranteed. Notification of date and location will be sent the week of May 21, 2018.

Program Agendas

All program agendas must be submitted to CRF for review and approval by July 20, 2018. While programs are not required to be CME accredited, all program content must be educational in nature. CRF’s physician committee will review agendas, and when applicable, offer suggestions to improve or enhance program content.

Education Policy

Educational content presented at Breakfast Programs, Presentation Theater Programs, and Evening Programs are restricted to the following times:

  • Breakfast Programs: 7:00 am-8:00 am (Saturday-Tuesday)
  • Presentation Theater Programs: 11:30 am-12:30 pm and 1:00 pm-2:00 pm (Saturday-Monday)
  • Evening Programs: 6:30 pm-8:00 pm (Saturday-Monday)

Evening Program sponsors may host a cocktail reception or serve dinner beginning at 6:00 PM. Prior to the start of Breakfast Program, breakfast will be served each morning at 6:30 AM. 

Registration Services

Preregistration for satellite programs will be managed by the official registration bureau of TCT. This includes preprogram registration and postprogram reporting. Professional attendees will be prompted to register for satellite programs when they register for TCT starting mid-June 2018. Those who register for TCT prior to mid-June will receive e-blast reminders about registering for satellite programs. Preregistration reports will be sent to program sponsors each week beginning in early July.

On-site at TCT, program sponsors will receive lead-retrieval scanners to capture on-site attendance. Satellite sponsors will be responsible for the on-site operation of lead-retrieval systems. The tracking systems will require at least one person per system to scan badges as registrants arrive for the satellite programs. Sponsors will also be provided with postmeeting registration reports. Companies conducting a satellite program are required to use this registration service. 

Marketing of Satellite

The following satellite program marketing opportunities are included in the application fee:

  • Listing in the TCT Satellite Guide distributed via the various kiosks throughout the convention center
  • Listing of the satellite program agenda on the TCT app
  • Listing of the satellite program agenda on the TCT conference website
  • Several eblasts sent to the TCT distribution list promoting the entire satellite program schedule
  • Daily signage at the meeting listing the programs
  • PowerPoint slides shown during the breaks in the meeting rooms encouraging attendance to the program 

Additional Marketing Opportunities

Program sponsors typically produce a program invitation that can be distributed as follows:

  • By the sales force of the sponsor or commercial supporter (if appropriate)
  • Mailed to the preregistration list (suggested quantity: 2,500)
  • At the convention center in the satellite program kiosks (suggested quantity: 500)
  • At an exhibiting company’s booth in the Exhibit Hall (suggested quantity: 500)
  • Via the TCT Daily bag distribution (suggested quantity: 5,000)
  • Eblast to TCTMD subscribers or a banner on TCTMD (price varies)
  • The TCT preregistration list (value $3,500); it contains approximately 2,500 names and will be provided to the company as early as four weeks prior to the meeting
  • Satellite sponsors may place an advertisement in the TCT Satellite Guide. A full-page single-sided advertisement (8.5’’ x 11’’) is $6,500. Package pricing is available for a company conducting more than one satellite program.


TCTMD offers many opportunities to promote, record, and host satellite programs. Eblasts (electronic email messages) distributed to members of the opt-in TCTMD database reach over 43,000 subscribers, as well as the most current TCT registration list, and help promote registration and attendance for a given program leading up to the meeting. The cost to distribute one eblast is $18,000. TCTMD is available to design the eblast for an additional $2,500. Sponsoring companies will receive eblast metrics three weeks following eblast distribution. Eblasts are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.  It is recommended that sponsoring companies reserve their distribution date early on as spots fill up quickly pre-TCT.

Sponsoring companies may also host an online version of a satellite program on TCTMD for up to one year, extending the duration and reach of the satellite program. TCTMD’s enduring satellite package allows you to extend the reach of your program(s) beyond just the day they happen and just those in the room to an audience that includes all attendees, as well as TCTMD’s over 43,000 subscribers (and vast web audience). This year, and with the launch of its newly re-designed website, TCTMD is pleased to offer two specially-priced packages to extend a satellite program far beyond TCT 2018.  The new packages include a recording of your program (audio synced with slides or audio synced with slides + video of speaker), a custom program landing page on with a custom URL, branding, panelists, overview (if desired), agenda, and a custom eblast promoting the digital enduring version of the satellite to our over 43,000 subscribers (a $12.5k-$18k value normally alone).

Option 1: Slides with synced audio + Custom landing page + Promotional eblast
Cost: $11,750

Option 2: Slides with synced audio + Video of presenters + Custom landing page + Promotional eblast
Cost: $14,750

Both options include the recording and synchronizing of all slide presentations that are part of the satellite program and hosting for six months (longer terms available). Should you wish for your satellite program to be CME accredited by CRF or another accrediting agency, TCTMD can also host pre-test, post-test, and evaluation forms for CME-accredited programs (additional fees apply).

For more information about TCTMD, please contact:

Stephanie Gutch
Director, TCTMD/Digital
Tel: 646-434-4605

Cassandra Stewart
Manager, Business Development
Tel: 646-434-4382

Costs to Anticipate

The following is a list of costs satellite program sponsors should anticipate:

  • CRF application fee
  • Meeting management
  • CME program development (if applicable)
  • CME certification (if applicable)
  • Invitation design, print production, and shipping (suggested quantity: 5,000-7,000 pieces)
  • Marketing of the program
  • Food and beverage (if applicable)
  • Audiovisual setup and service (if applicable)
  • On-site registration staff
  • On-site signage
  • Staffing expenses (eg, staff air travel, ground transportation, and housing)
  • Faculty expenses such as: 
    • Honoraria ($1,500-$2,000 per speaker and $2,500-$3,000 per chair is standard)
    • Faculty air travel and ground transportation
    • Faculty housing
  • Miscellaneous expenses not anticipated at the time of budget development