30 Years of Groundbreaking Science, Training, and Innovation

30th Anniversary Rate FAQs

1. Why is CRF offering a Special 30th Anniversary Rate for TCT 2018?

To demonstrate our longstanding commitment to medical education and to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of TCT, CRF is offering a significantly reduced registration rate for TCT 2018. For the past three decades, TCT has provided healthcare professionals with cutting-edge research, education, and training, so that patients can receive the latest treatments and innovations at the earliest opportunity. We hope to encourage new attendees to the meeting, particularly those who found the previous registration rate a barrier. Our goal is to ensure that more healthcare professionals have access to the latest science and training by making TCT more affordable.

2. Where did this idea come from?

As a non-profit organization, CRF is always striving to improve the educational experience and opportunities to advance medical care around the world. We are continually working to transform education and provide healthcare professionals with the latest research and training. Providing reduced registration to TCT 2018 is a way to celebrate our longstanding commitment to education as part of our 30th anniversary and to make sure that more healthcare professionals have access to the latest science and training.

This year promises to be an exceptional TCT with a strong emphasis on comprehensive, hands-on training workshops, making the course more clinically relevant for practitioners, increasing the level of attendee engagement, and meeting the evolving needs of clinicians and scientists.

3. Who is eligible for the Special 30th Anniversary Rate? What are the requirements?

All practicing physicians, academic researchers, and allied health professionals are eligible for the Special 30th Anniversary Rate to TCT 2018.*

Please note that physicians and allied health professionals that are employed by companies in the cardiovascular or financial fields who do not provide direct patient care are not eligible for this rate. Industry professionals, venture capitalists, and analysts are not eligible for this offer.

*Allied health professionals devote a majority of their professional activity to the direct care and treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease (examples: nurses, technologists, physician assistants, research coordinators and specialists, hospital administrators, and pharmacists).

4. How many attendees are you expecting?

TCT typically attracts 10,000-12,000 attendees each year. We are hopeful that this initiative will increase access and affordability to TCT for many.

5. Is there a limit to how many will receive reduced registration?

Our goal is to give access to as many physicians and allied health professionals as possible. Due to space considerations in the convention center, registration is a on a first come, first served basis. We encourage attendees to register as soon as possible to take advantage of this vital educational opportunity. Please note that on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, there will be an increase in the rates, although still markedly less than in recent years.

6. Does this cover housing and travel?

This program does not cover expenses for housing and travel.

7. I was invited to attend as Faculty. How will this affect me?

Faculty will continue to have registration fees waived for TCT 2018 in recognition for their participation and involvement in the program.

8. I am an abstract/challenging case presenter. Will I continue to receive a 50% discount on registration?

No. All attendees, including abstract and challenging case presenters, will be admitted under the Special 30th Anniversary Rate, which is still substantially less than previous years. All Fellows receive complimentary registration, whether they present abstracts or not.

9. Is this a permanent change?

This is not a permanent change, but CRF will conduct a comprehensive analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of this initiative and assess its sustainability for future meetings.

10. Will other CRF meetings offer reduced registration?

Reduced registration is currently being offered only for TCT 2018 in celebration of our 30th Anniversary. If successful and sustainable, we will consider offering it at other meetings. As part of our ongoing commitment to education, we currently offer Fellows complimentary registration to all CRF meetings.

11. Does this impact CME?

CME will not be impacted. Physicians will be able to claim up to 43 credits (subject to change).

12. How do you ensure that TCT content is fair and balanced?

CRF strives to ensure that its programs are as educational as possible and free from bias. To support this endeavor, TCT directors and co-directors create independent organizational and scientific committees to assist in balanced educational content development and oversight for live cases, concurrent sessions, case reviews, practical workshops, and scientific symposia. All CME sessions are developed without influence from commercial supporters. In addition, faculty who participate in CME activities sponsored by CRF are required to disclose to the activity audience any real or apparent conflicts of interest related to the content of their presentations. Faculty who do not comply with this policy are not permitted to participate in this activity.

13. Where can I get more information?

Please contact info@crf.org for more information.