TCT is always packed with presentations on the biggest challenges in interventional cardiology and demonstrations of the specialty’s newest innovations, and this year’s meeting is no different.

Participation by TCT attendees is part of what makes our meeting a powerhouse of showcasing development in the field. Seize the opportunity today and apply to share your work with colleagues and experts from around the world this September.

Please see submission details and deadlines below and contact with any questions.

Submissions for this category have closed. 

Late-Breaking Clinical Trials are typically first-time presentations of first-in-man experiences with novel devices or drugs; the primary or important secondary endpoint results of prospective, randomized clinical trials; or large-scale, impactful single-/multicenter registries.

Accepted submissions will be presented in the Main Arena at TCT 2019 and during press conferences scheduled on the same days as Main Arena presentations.

The following rarely qualify as Late-Breaking Clinical Trial submissions: preclinical studies, early first-in-human device studies, and meta-analyses. These should be submitted as abstracts or to the Call for Innovation (see below).

Word and character limits for Late-Breaking Trials and Science Submissions

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Submissions for this category have closed. 

TCT is always looking to present fascinating and futuristic concepts and ideas that relate to improving outcomes for patients with cardiovascular disease. Submit your ideas for an interesting lecture you would like to present that is not typical for large CV congresses.

Anything novel will be considered! Suggested subjects include: digital health, machine learning, artificial intelligence, micro-imaging breakthroughs, regionalized systems of care, nanotechnologies, regulatory reform, the role of social media, fetal therapies for prevention, etc.

Submissions for this category have closed.

Abstract submissions should address an area of interventional cardiology, endovascular medicine, or structural heart disease and constitute original research (but may include portions of prior abstracts and/or manuscripts presented elsewhere). Clinical studies, basic science investigation, and preclinical studies are equally encouraged. Reports of a single patient should be submitted to Challenging Cases (see below) regardless of the novelty of the individual case.

The maximum number of characters allowed is 2200 (approximately 300-350 words). This includes spaces.
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Please visit the Call for Science site for further submission guidelines.

Submissions for this category have closed.

Physicians from around the world are invited to submit their most challenging coronary, endovascular, and structural heart disease cases. The directors of TCT review each submitted case and select the best for presentation.

Submissions for this category have closed.

We are actively soliciting for emerging innovative concepts to be presented at TCT 2019. Participants are invited to submit their novel technologies relevant to the monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of coronary, endovascular, or structural heart disease. Selected emerging technologies will be presented at TCT 2019.

Submitters are also encouraged to participate in the Innovation Competition. All technologies submitted to the Innovation Competition must: a) address an unmet clinical need, b) have preliminary patent application filed, and c) include pre-clinical or early human clinical data.

Submissions for this category have closed. 

Join TCT Associate Director Ori Ben-Yehuda, MD and our TCT International Council Fellows’ Committee for the TCT International Fellows’ Session.

International fellows are encouraged to submit their challenging cases; the top three winners will present their cases at TCT 2019. These presentations will be followed by “Fellows Got Talent!” where fellows from around the world will present their challenging cases for a chance to win the audience’s vote. The Fellows’ Session will close out with presentations from experts on the International Council on their own favorite challenging cases.

Criteria for international fellows:

  • Must be under 38 years old
  • Must have a postgraduate degree (MD, FCPS, FCCP, or DM)
  • Must be enrolled in a cardiology fellowship program
  • Must have a letter of recommendation from your immediate supervisor or institute head (submissions without a letter of recommendation will not be accepted)

Submissions for this category have closed. 

Impella Scholarship Program

Supported through an educational grant from ABIOMED, Inc.

Physicians enrolled in a fellowship program are invited to submit a “Most Challenging Case” demonstrating the successful use of the Impella device. Please provide a brief description of patient history, clinical diagnosis, case decisions, and patient outcome. Applicants with the top three cases will be selected for a scholarship to TCT and will present their case at a breakfast meeting.

IABP Scholarship Program

Supported through an educational grant from Getinge

Physicians enrolled in a fellowship program may submit an interesting or unique clinical case of a patient who benefited from counter-pulsation therapy for one of the following indications:

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • Cardiac and Non-Cardiac Surgery
  • Complications of Heart Failure

Applicants with the top three case submissions will receive a scholarship to attend TCT and will present their case at a breakfast meeting.

Submissions for this category have closed. 

This award recognizes clinical and academic excellence in interventional cardiovascular medicine and aims to stimulate the continued commitment and dedication to both outstanding patient care and ongoing academic inquiry by young investigators.

The three finalists will become faculty at TCT 2019. The winner will be announced at TCT 2019 and will receive the award along with a $10,000 scholarship in the Main Arena.

Candidates for this award must be:

  • Less than 40 years old at the start of TCT 2019 (September 25, 2019)
  • Specializing in interventional cardiovascular medicine (interventional cardiology, endovascular medicine, structural heart disease, pathology, etc.)

Candidates may be from any country; we encourage both international and US-based applicants.

Submissions for this category have closed. 

These case-based studies highlight the most controversial issues in coronary, structural, and endovascular intervention. Submissions should address common diagnostic or treatment-related dilemmas for which there are clinical equipoise and several reasonable possible approaches. Please note that these submissions differ from those for Challenging Cases, which are focused on highly complex or technically challenging, complicated cases.

Those whose cases are selected will be made faculty members at TCT 2019 and will be asked to present in the Main Arena of the Moscone Center on Sunday, September 29. The cases will be set up, followed by a discussion by TCT faculty of alternative approaches to the scenario and a description from the presenter of how they dealt with the case and its outcome.

Examples might include: whether or not to perform PCI for an LAD lesion with silent ischemia; PFO closure for an elderly patient with idiopathic stroke; the best treatment for restenotic SFA lesion (PFA, BMS, DES, DCB, or surgery); etc.