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This award recognizes clinical and academic excellence in interventional cardiovascular medicine and aims to stimulate the continued commitment and dedication to both outstanding patient care and ongoing academic inquiry by young investigators. The three finalists will become faculty at TCT 2018. The winner will be announced at TCT 2018, and the award and a $10,000 scholarship will be presented in the Main Arena.

Candidates for this award must be less than 40 years of age at the start of TCT 2018 (September 21, 2018) specializing in interventional cardiovascular medicine (interventional cardiology, endovascular medicine, structural heart disease, pathology, etc.).

Candidates may be from any country and we encourage international as well as US applications.

1. Curriculum Vitae

Publications should be grouped in the following order: (1) peer reviewed research articles, (2) review articles and book chapters, and (3) abstracts. The applicant's name should be highlighted in each citation. Articles in press may be included, but do not include articles under review that have not received a final acceptance or those in preparation.

The applicant's curriculum vitae should contain all graduate (university) and postgraduate positions listed in chronologic order ending with current academic and clinical appointments.

2. Personal Statement

Brief personal statement detailing the applicant’s clinical and academic interests and goals. This does not have to be more than one or two paragraphs in length.

3. Clinical Accomplishments

Provide a listing of the types and numbers of procedures in which the applicant was primary operator or secondary operator.

4. Letters of Recommendation

At least three letters of recommendation are required. At least one must address academic accomplishments, and at least one from a direct supervisor must address clinical expertise.

5. Documentation of Other Accomplishments

Applicants are encouraged to upload any examples of teaching excellence, administrative skills, grants, and patents, etc, to supplement the items listed above.

6. Supplemental Information

Copies of manuscripts and/or abstracts in which the applicant was first author (published, in press, or not yet submitted) may be included, but are not necessary.

Questions? Please email tctcallforscience-support@crf.org

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