CRF’s Mini-Med School for Women Covers the Link Between Stress and Heart Disease

CRF held a Mini-Med School on The Heart-Mind Connection on Tuesday, April 18th  which covered the role stress plays in heart disease and offered tips on how to manage stress for optimal health. Presentations were given by Drs. Nisha Jhalani and Erica Jones, and a guided meditation was led by Tanya Boulton.

The seminar is part of the CRF Women’s Heart Health Initiative which aims to reduce gender disparity in cardiovascular care through research and education. These Mini-Med School seminars feature leading experts who give women the tools to take better care of themselves and their loved ones.

Watch the full seminar here:


Changing the Mindset

Nisha Jhalani, MD

Director, CRF Women’s Heart Health Initiative

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

Stress and Your Heart

Erica Jones, MD

Director of the HeartHealth Program at Weill Cornell Medicine

Practicing Mindfulness

Tanya Boulton

Senior Yoga Instructor, Pure Yoga