A New Annual Ranking of Global Academic and Medical Institutions Based on Academic Contribution at TCT 2023

NEW YORK – November 20, 2023 – The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), in conjunction with the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) 2023 conference, CRF's annual scientific symposium, announced today the launch of the CRF Scientific Excellence Top 10 (SET-10), a new global annual ranking recognizing academic contributions to interventional cardiovascular medicine.

The SET-10 initiative, aligning with CRF's commitment to advancing the field, aims to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary contributions made by medical and academic institutions globally in interventional cardiovascular research.

Thirty-two esteemed institutions earned the SET-10 distinction, with the top ten institutions recognized globally for their dedication to advancing scientific knowledge in interventional cardiovascular medicine. The new ranking span six categories, acknowledging excellence within and outside the United States, underscoring the far-reaching impact of these institutions on the field.

The rankings are based on a rigorous evaluation of all scientific submissions for TCT 2023, with expert reviewers assessing submissions from the United States, outside the United States, structural, and coronary categories. The rankings were determined through a statistical formula including the quality and quantity of the submissions submitted. Further details on the methodology of the SET-10 initiative, and the complete list of rankings and categories can be found here.

Juan F. Granada, MD, President and CEO of CRF and TCT Program Director, expressed enthusiasm: "We're thrilled to acknowledge and celebrate these outstanding academic and medical institutions for their innovative research showcased at TCT. This cutting-edge research enriches the global pool of knowledge in interventional cardiovascular medicine, significantly influencing patient care and the approach to treating heart disease by physicians. The critical research conducted at institutions worldwide showcased in the CRF SET-10 rankings helps propel new advances and practical treatments for patients.”