Editorial Team

The Editorial Team is made up of senior medical journalists and operates as an independent unit within the CRF Center for Education. The group is responsible for editorial content on TCTMD, including print, podcasts, and video news and features covering timely topics in cardiology. The group also contributes to the writing and research of clinical and academic materials developed within CRF, including newsletters, meeting summaries, and educational documents.


Launched in 2000, TCTMD has become the world’s leading resource for interventional cardiovascular news and education, catering to an audience of clinicians, researchers, industry professionals, and more. In addition to slide presentations and case-studies, the site provides breaking news and in-depth features covering interventional cardiology and beyond. Our scope spans topical issues in clinical medicine and health policy as well as new study data published in the medical literature or presented at medical conferences around the world. TCTMD News is independently produced by the Editorial Team within the CRF Center for Education.

Gary S. Mintz, MD, Chief Medical Officer, is a renowned expert in the area of cardiovascular imaging and has extensive experience in both interventional cardiology and cardiac ultrasound. He joined the Cardiovascular Research Foundation in 1991 as Director of the Coronary Ultrasound Program, which has studied over 30,000 patients using intravascular ultrasound and has made fundamental observations about the pathology, pathogenesis, and mechanisms of coronary atherosclerosis, catheter-based interventions, and restenosis.

Joshua D. Hartman, MBA, is the founder of TCTMD and Executive Director of the Center for Education at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF). Prior to becoming Executive Director of the CED, he was Director, Educational Services & Strategic Relations and Managing Editor of TCTMD. Previously, Josh served as the Director of Online Marketing and Education at PPD, Inc. and Clinsights, Inc., and before that, as Senior Consultant in the Integrated Health Group at Deloitte Consulting. He also works in the New York City Emergency Medical Services system providing advanced life support through New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Shelley Wood is Managing Editor of TCTMD and the Editorial Director at CRF. She did her undergraduate degree at McGill University and the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and her graduate degree in journalism at the University of British Columbia, specializing in medical reporting. Before joining CRF in 2015, Shelley was Managing Editor at theheart.org and Senior Director, Global News for Medscape. Her work has won the National Institute for Heath Care Management's excellence in print journalism prize, the Online News Award for best specialty site journalism, two prizes from the Canadian Online Publishing Awards and Gold from the Association of Healthcare Publication Editors Awards.

Editorial Staff

Caitlin E. Cox is News Editor of TCTMD and Manager of Academic Content for the Editorial Services department of CRF. After earning a BS in Biology at the University of Georgia, she did 2 years of bench research on HDL cholesterol at Tufts University. She earned her MA in Journalism from New York University’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program in 2005. Since then, she has written for a variety of publications, including The Christian Science Monitor, Natural History Magazine, and MAMM, and worked in communications at NYU Langone Medical Center. Just prior to arriving at CRF in 2008, she spent over a year as a freelance medical journalist in New Delhi, India.

Yael L. Maxwell is Senior Associate News Editor of TCTMD and Senior Medical Editor/Writer for the Editorial Services department of CRF. She is currently serving as the media fellow for the Center for Health, Media & Policy at Hunter College. Prior to working for CRF, Yael spent 2 years managing all research-related communications at the Lymphoma Research Foundation. She has also worked for the Editorial department of the PBS-affiliated science documentary series NOVA and the public affairs office of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and she has contributed to Genewatch, the monthly publication of the Council for Responsible Genetics. Her work has been published in mental_floss, Refinery29, and ScienceNOW. Yael studied Environmental Science and Journalism at Boston University.

L.A. McKeown is Associate News Editor of TCTMD and a consultant for the Editorial Services department of CRF. Laura has over 20 years of experience as a clinical and consumer medical writer for many publications, websites, and organizations, including Medical Tribune, WebMD, MSNBC, Reuters Health, the American Lung Association, the North American Menopause Society, and New York Medical College. In addition, she has extensive experience in medical education, including serving as managing editor of a series of patient education videos under former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, MD. She earned a BS in Journalism and Mass Media from Rutgers University.

Todd Neale is Senior Associate News Editor of TCTMD and Senior Medical Editor/Writer for the Editorial Services department of CRF. He got his start in journalism at Audubon Magazine and made a stop in publishing before heading to MedPage Today, where he worked with a focus on cardiology for more than 6 years before joining CRF. He received a BS in Biology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MA in Journalism from the Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program at New York University.

Michael O’Riordan is Senior Editorial Journalist at TCTMD. He completed his undergraduate degrees at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, and his graduate degree in journalism at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, specializing in medical reporting. Prior to joining TCTMD in 2015, he was a senior journalist with theheart.org and Medscape Cardiology, both from WebMD. He was a member of theheart.org team that won the Online News Association Journalism Award (Specialty Site) in 2010 and the Gold Medal for Best Website from the Association of Healthcare Publication Editors in 2013.